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We, at Weddings By Exponents, strive to document each wedding in it's most truest and artistic form. We believe every wedding is an experience, every moment, a story, and every photograph, an emotion. 

We feel immensely grateful to be documenting your big day and making everlasting memories not just for you, but also for ourselves. What started in 2014 as an hobby has become a way of life now. 

In 2021, we realised we have been documenting various stages of one's life. It is heartwarming to see lovers turn into couples and couples turn into parents. What makes a team more happier than having the pictures they took being hung on house walls?

That too right from their proposal to engagement to wedding to maternity to kids. 

As cliche as it may sound, we treat every client as family. That's how we expanded from documenting just weddings to documenting every important moment of your life. That's where we got the name 'Families By Exponents'.

If you have read until here and know our story,

let's become family.


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